Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trying out new things

While waiting for new cookbooks to arrive in the mail this week, I wanted to try out some recipes that I had read on other blogs and at the same time, break in my silicone baking products.

Reading the title on this post was advertisement enough to attempt the recipe for Bacon Brittle from here. This was my first time making toffee so I stuck to the recipe.

The silicone baking sheet was very useful especially when removing the toffee. I had to peel mine off because despite putting it into the fridge for a while (where it hardened up beautifully), it quickly softened and I couldn't break them up into chips. An air-conditioned kitchen would be nice.

However, the bacon brittle was awesome! After pouring out the toffee bacon mixture, the chopsticks that I had used to stir it over the heat had fused so instead of soaking it, I had a toffee lollipop on a chopstick! I had to quickly pack some for my colleagues before I consumed it all by myself.

Next up was Tartlette's recipe for the Ultimate Lemon Pound Cake. She used a 12-cup bundt pan while my silicone one was smaller, 8-10 cup. I was prepared to do little loaves with the extra batter but it worked out fine and turned out beautifully. Removing the cake was a breeze and I'm a total convert to silicone baking products.

Verdict: The cake was everything as descibed and I only gave away a quarter of the cake so far. Let's see how long it lasts!

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s.a.m. said...

Now I know why you take your photos at your balcony. The lighting makes your creations look so delicious!