Wednesday, April 25, 2007

aka Refund Muffins

In keeping with the exploratory spirit of the last post, I wanted to try out my heart shaped silicone cups so I made Snickerdoodle Muffins from one of my favourite food bloggers, Peabody.

Besides a great fondness I have for cinnamon, a ridiculous comment that resulted from that post also got me itching to try the recipe out. Peabody was actually presented with a bill from someone who tried the recipe and found it a failure! How's that for absurd, ludicrous, nonsesical, outrageous, preposterous? You get the picture.

Subsequent posts here and here have expressed what I already feel so I just wanted to bake these muffins to see if there was ANY validity in that complaint.

Well, here are the results of my efforts. I made 26 muffins from the recipe using the silicone cups. I can't say if they're a complete success or not since I've never eaten Snickerdoodle cookies but they sure look like the ones everyone else made. They taste great (I like mine dipped in the extra leftover cinammon sugar) and the texture was light and moist. I brought it to work to share and my colleagues LOVED it. They said it went very well with coffee and they are asking for more.

So there, no need for refund!

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