Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cookbook Collector

That's what I've become in lieu of the fact that I haven't been baking much.

I started at a new teaching position at the beginning of the year. While the work has been fulfilling, the hours are a lot longer so instead of finding time to bake, I've just been lying flat out on the couch most afternoons trying to recover from an exhausting day.

However, my online activity never ceases. Thanks to Amazon, I've steadily acquired more and more cookbooks as I get sucked in by the online reviews. Perhaps I want to feel as if I am baking vicariously through the lovely recipes and pictures. Then again, its also the obsessive compulsive streak in me which has failed to stop me from hitting the 'add to cart' button. I figured since I'm not baking, the next best thing is reading about it.

Its only this week (its exam time) that I've had time to actually make a dent in the reading of my pile of books. Hopefully in June, I will be back to baking in full swing during the holidays.


Judith said...

Congratulations on the teaching position, though! What do you teach?

I have so many cookbooks I sometimes look at the stack and there are some there I don't remember buying. Are they multiplying? I try to read "regular" books too, but I'm a law student and work half-time and like you, at the end of the day I just want to stretch out and go online, not challenge my brain any further!

Yuri said...

So nice to see you post again. I have been silently reading your blog and I tried the hummingbird cake. I can't say that I like the taste of the cake as the texture isn't as soft as the american carrot cake. Guess I'll try again, may be with cake flour...