Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogging by Mail

I got my package today!

Thanks to Stephanie for starting this wonderful event, it's really an act of dispensing happiness all around the world. It's better than opening presents at Christmas because one doesn't know
if / when the package will arrive or from whom or what it might contain. So really, no expectations at all.

My package arrived all the way from Josie of Flavor Junkie in New York City. She sent me an assortment of her favourite baking implements / gadgets and foodstuff.

The kitchen things she sent included: a pie crust shield (looks like I need to get over the fear of making pastry), a cupcake-adorned silicone spatula (too cute!), a plastic dessert knife (very useful for bring-along food), powdered sugar spoon
(a mini sieve for sifting accurately over baked goods), cookie cutters on a ring (all in shapes I don't have, yay!), an offset spatula, cake tester and champagne bottle stoppers.

Since I indicated I had a sweet tooth, Josie sent along some really nice treats. She made me some Ginger Sparkle cookies and Spiced Nuts. There were also Rice Krispie Treats, Torrone, Sharfenberger Chocolate, Lemonheads, Sixlets, a Strawberry Licorice Rope, Taffy, Skittles, and an assortment of little sweets.

Thanks heaps Josie! It totally made my day and I've shared some of my loot with friends at work. I'll save the Strawberry Chapstick for a trip to Paris that I hope will happen in November (fingers crossed).

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Nirmala said...

That's so cool. How did you get into this circle?